Be part of a company that’s transforming medicine

Cell Therapies Pty Ltd (CTPL) is an Australian-based, globally-active commercial contract development and manufacturing company, specialising in cell therapy, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and cellular immunotherapy products. A leader in this groundbreaking field, our expert team and world-class facilities have been developing and manufacturing cutting edge treatments for cancer and rare diseases on behalf of local and international clients for more than 15 years.

What’s it like to work at Cell Therapies?

Dominic wall
Chief Scientific Officer

“This is now the age of miracles in human medicine, with the extraordinarily powerful tools in immunology, genetics and synthetic biology converging to make potent, individualised and complex patient treatments that can change the clinical course of diseases. Nothing like this has been seen before in human history, and it is changing biology and medicine in front of our eyes. The field is growing rapidly, with many new opportunities for those with good technical and scientific skills to be part of this revolution in medicine.”

Ravneet Boparai
Production Manager

“Working here enables me to put all I’ve learned to good use and that makes it all feel worthwhile. The work environment is inclusive, conducive to high performance, and talent and hard-work are recognized as well as appreciated. A typical work day is never typical, the bar is set high, and I appreciate the opportunities the company provides to learn, grow and develop to keep on par with the industry standards.”

Alexandra Rizzitelli
Cell Therapy Specialist

“My work is exciting, challenging, constantly evolving, and educational. Working with the latest innovations in cellular therapies and immuno-therapies is ‘just-another-day-in-the-office’ for me. Because of my academic background, I am passionate by the science behind projects and my passion is shared by a like-minded team. The work / life balance I’ve found at Cell Therapies is unique, with a supportive management team that recognizes, values, and rewards my efforts.”

Ayse Mouminoglu
Clinical Quality Assurance Manager

“There has been remarkable recent advancement in the cellular therapy field, namely, with the implementation of commercial and clinical trials involving the use chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy. This therapy has the potential for clinical success, and possibly replace the use of traditional hematopoietic stem cell transplants. As a trained scientist it’s rewarding to be part of a company that is driven to be leaders in novel cellular therapy to meet the needs of Peter Mac patients and the wider community.”

Current Career Opportunities