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When was Cell Therapies established?

The Centre for Blood Cell Therapies, located at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre was initiated in 1999 and Cell Therapies P/L was established in 2003 to develop and manage the commercial interface for the Centre and related Peter Mac resources.

Who are its shareholders?

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a 93% shareholder. The remaining shares are held by senior members of its executive team.

What facilities and resources?

Cell Therapies P/L  provides clients and collaborators with a regulatory-compliant, focused business unit, able to execute all aspects of contract manufacturing and the deployment of cellular products and services. We provide access to a wide range of services including apheresis, cryopreservation, advanced imaging for in vivo cell tracking, clinical trial design and approval, and clinical trial design.

Who are our clients?

  • Organisations requiring TGA/EMA/FDA compliant manufacturing in order to undertake Phase I through III clinical trials
  • Organisations requiring access to Australian, New Zealand and Asian┬ácountries for their cell based products
  • Organisations requiring cellular therapy process development to achieve commercially viable scalable products

What investment opportunities are available?

Cell Therapies P/L is evolving with the emergence of cellular therapy as a commercially viable new paradigm for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy.

To capture the opportunities at hand and expected in the near future, Cell Therapies P/L may require expansion capital and additional strategic alliance partners. Please contact us to explore opportunities.