ISCT 2016

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CT’s contribution to ISCT 2016

Representatives from Cell Therapies presented at ISCT Singapore on the following topics:

Apheresis – Douglas Watson, Cell Therapy Specialist

Initial Comparison of 3 apheresis platforms for supporting the collection of CD3+ cells for CAR-T production

Flow Cytometry – Alex Rizzitelli, Cell Therapy Specialist

Flow cytometry tools for characterisation of GMP cell products

COGS Optimisation – Tim Oldham, CEO

COGS by Design – A systems approach to achieving commercially viable cellular therapy products

Australian Cell Therapy Landscape – Tim Oldham, CEO

Advantage Australia – A Stepping stone to Asian and global development of cellular therapies

Recently Closed Positions

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Cell Therapy Specialist (Gene Modified T-cell Immunotherapies)
Project Portfolio Manager
Cell Therapy Development Manager
GMP Facility Manager
Quality and Compliance Officer
Assistant Accountant


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Giovanni Mandarano, Jyoti Arora, Dominic Wall, Simon Harrison, Noelene Bergen, Dodie Pouniotis and Peter Eu

The utilisation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to noninvasively monitor cells using superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) as MRI contrast agents has been one of the major research focuses over the past several years. The ability to use MRI to image longitudinally offers an invaluable opportunity to track the migration, persistence and distribution of cell based therapeutics in vivo in humans.

Current approaches for cell labelling have focused on using commercial SPIONs with varying success. Therefore, there is a clinical need to develop SPIONs that are non-toxic, with appropriate size and high MRI contrast. We have utilised SPIONs with a silica coating to investigate the labelling ability and contrast enhancement of CD45+ and CD34+ expressing cells.

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