New alliance to deliver pan-Asian cell processing capability to further the regenerative medicine and cellular therapy industry

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Nagoya, Japan and Melbourne, Australia: 28 April 2015: PharmaBio Ltd and Cell Therapies Pty Ltd announce that they have entered a memorandum of understanding to establish an alliance that will provide their customers with a complete cell processing and delivery solution for the Asia Pacific region.

To view the press release click here PharmaBio Ltd and Cell Therapies Pty Ltd Alliance

Board changes to further growth at Cell Therapies Pty Ltd

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Cell Therapies Pty Ltd (Cell Therapies), a leading manufacturer and distributor of cellular therapies in the Asia-Pacific region, is pleased to announce significant change to board structure in anticipation of the next stage of corporate growth.

Following successful restructuring of Cell Therapies’ growth strategy and new CEO recruitment, Dr Christian Behrenbruch will step down as a Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) nominee director and Chairman of Cell Therapies. Professor James Angus AO will join as a Peter Mac nominee director. Professor Angus was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne, is a past director of Melbourne Health and is currently a director of Peter Mac. Dr Behrenbruch will continue to serve as a transaction and financing advisor to the Board. (more…)

New CEO to implement growth plan at Cell Therapies Pty Ltd

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Melbourne, Australia 21 April 2014: Cell Therapies Pty Ltd (Cell Therapies), the leading manufacturer and distributor of cellular therapies in Asia Pacific, has appointed Dr Tim Oldham as CEO to implement an aggressive growth plan. Dr Oldham succeeds founding CEO and Managing Director Ray Wood who will continue as a Director.

Cell Therapies has more than eleven years experience with a wide range of cellular therapies for clinical trial and approved therapeutic uses. Cell Therapies has developed multiple processes for leading stem cell companies, including Mesoblast Ltd and Prima Biomed Ltd, that have been successfully transferred to global manufacturing networks. It has maintained an enviable Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) record at its Melbourne facilities within the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; and licensed its quality system to support cGMP compliance at several other facilities across Asia.

“As late stage and approved product numbers grow, scaling manufacturing up and out to reliably deliver a time sensitive, patient specific product with needle-to-needle control is becoming THE challenge facing the cell based therapies industry,” says Dr Oldham. “Cell Therapies’ unique expertise is solving this challenge. I am very excited to have been chosen to build on this expertise and grow our contract manufacturing and approved product distribution business into SE Asia. These markets comprise more than 650 million people and are some of the fastest growing healthcare markets in the world.”

In January 2013, Cell Therapies licensed Medipost’s second-generation cartilage repair product, Cartistem. The company is in several active discussions to secure distribution rights to other late stage products addressing high un-met patient needs. Its Melbourne capacity is being upgraded to PIC/s compliance and will double in 2016-17 when it moves to a brand new facility at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). The move to the VCCC continues Cell Therapies’ history of strong integration with the clinical delivery of cellular treatments. Additional capacity is available in Adelaide where affiliated company Nextcell Pty Ltd provides manufacturing services to the CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing. Discussions are advancing with a partner to develop a facility in Malaysia and a capital raising process has begun to facilitate expansion.

“The time is right for Cell Therapies. We have a proven platform of scarce capabilities that every product development company needs, the industry is maturing fast as more Phase III trials confirm the potential, and Dr Oldham’s appointment brings the growth and commercialisation skills we need to capitalise on the industry’s growth, ” said Chairman Dr Christian Behrenbruch. Dr Oldham has been leading growth in new and emerging pharma and biotech markets for more than 10 years. Between 2002 and 2012 he held increasingly senior roles at Mayne Pharma Ltd and then Hospira Inc where he was President, Asia Pacific. He led Mayne Pharma’s entry into biosimilars, several new market and new segment entries in Europe and Asia, and achieved double digit growth in Hospira’s generic and specialty pharmaceutical portfolios in Asia. He is also a non-executive director of listed biotech companies Acrux Ltd and iSonea Ltd. “Dr Oldham’s skills and experience ideally compliment our already deep technical and scientific skills and reputation,” said Dr Behrenbruch.

Commenting on the leadership succession, outgoing CEO Ray Wood said, “it is with great pride that I hand over the business to Dr Oldham. We have been working together effectively for several months, the transition is progressing smoothly and great momentum is building behind the growth plans. Our world-class technical and scientific team, led by Dr Dominic Wall, will be well served by Dr Oldham’s leadership.”

About Cell Therapies Pty Ltd:

Cell Therapies is the leading manufacturer and distributor of cellular therapies in Asia Pacific, a region of over 650 million people. Cell Therapies provides the essential manufacturing and distribution infrastructure for the safe, reliable and scalable delivery of cellular therapies into clinical trials and for therapeutic use.

For over eleven years it has made these capabilities available on a contract basis to some of the world’s leading stem cell companies, developing products and processes that are compliant with global regulatory and cGMP requirements and successfully integrating with global manufacturing networks. Cell Therapies also in-licenses late stage products for high un-met needs for commercialisation in SE Asia and Australasia.

Partner, investor and media enquiries to:

Dr Tim Oldham

+61 3 9656 1615

Cell Therapies Joins Innovative $60 Million Government Research Centre

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Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is an essential partner in a new $60 million Commonwealth Government project designed to help translate promising cellular therapy treatments from the lab bench to the marketplace. The Cooperative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing is a $59 million, six-year project funded by $20 million in cash from the Federal Government and $39 million in cash and in-kind from 14 commercial and academic participants.

“Cell Therapies is extremely pleased to be named a key player in this unique collaboration. As one of the more mature companies operating in this space in Australia, we have taken part in many significant changes in the cellular therapies field for more than a decade and believe this CRC represents the next major development in this field,” said Ray Wood, CEO of Cell Therapies.

The rapidly evolving field of cell and tissue therapies has created as yet unmet demands on the materials and devices required for the efficient and safe processing of cells and tissue. By combining internationally recognised academic researchers with practicing clinicians and cell and tissue processors, this CRC intends to influence the speed and safety with which a new treatment paradigm can be introduced to standard of care medical practice.

A novel feature of this CRC is the inclusion of a “patient ready” manufacturing and regulatory compliance capability. Cell Therapies and ITEK Ventures Pty Ltd have formed a joint venture to manage the new manufacturing facilities at Mawson Lakes, South Australia.

By imbedding experienced regulatory and manufacturing skills in the mix of CRC resources the research outcomes can be migrated quickly into the clinic and routine practice.  Cell Therapies 12+ years of experience will be used to influence the R&D very early in the process. The aim is to capture value from a novel combination of surface scientists, academic researchers, clinicians and practitioners in the field of cell and tissue therapies. This CRC will be able to manufacture products that can be used in human trials. This ability to translate research into the clinic has attracted several international and a number of local participants to the CRC.

About Cell Therapies

Cell Therapies P/L is a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) and cellular product distributor that both manufactures and deploys advanced cell based therapies. Cell Therapies P/L has become acknowledged as a leader and the most experienced cGMP compliant resource for cells and tissue in the Pan-Asian region. Working in close collaboration with its 51% shareholder, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Cell Therapies P/L manages the Center for Blood Cell Therapies (CBCT) through a comprehensive services agreement that permits it to provide its clients with one-stop-shop access to apheresis collection, cGMP compliant manufacturing, cryo-preservation, state of the art imaging (novel cell tracking).and clinical trial implementation.

Cell Therapies P/L manages three manufacturing licenses for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and a number of others for its clients.

For more information, contact Ray Wood at Cell Therapies on: 61 3 9656 1615 or via








Cell Therapies P/L joins CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing (CRC-CTM)

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Cell Therapies P/L has become an essential partner in the recently approved Cooperative Research Center for Cell Therapies Manufacturing (CRC-CTM). The combination of world leading academic researchers with local and overseas commercial companies is a novel feature of the Australian Government sponsored CRC program.

The CRC-CTM’s research is directed towards improved manufacturing capabilities and lowered cost of goods (COGS). Targeted clinical indications include unresolved diabetic foot ulcers, Graft vs Host disease (GvHD) for transplant patients, type 2 diabetes and diseases of the immune system where T-cells are involved.

Cell Therapies P/L will provide the regulatory compliant environment that facilitates the migration of CRC-CTM research into the clinic. A feature of this CRC is the seamless integration of pure research with commercial scale reduction to practice via first in man and subsequent routine treatments.

New Chairman Appointed by Cell Therapies

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Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that Dr Christian Behrenbruch has been appointed as Chairman of the Melbourne-based life sciences company. Dr Behrenbruch will also serve as a nominee non-executive director on behalf of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the major shareholder of Cell Therapies.

Dr Behrenbruch has a demonstrated track record of building successful organisations in the life sciences and healthcare arena. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb, Inc. a venture-backed biotechnology company based in California and Singapore. Previous executive roles have included Managing Partner at Momentum Biosciences, Vice President at Siemens Healthcare, Sr. VP at CTI Molecular Imaging (sold to Siemens in a $1.1Bn transaction in 2005) and CEO of Mirada Solutions, a successful UK-based radiology company that was spun-out of the University of Oxford.

Dr Behrenbruch completed his undergraduate studies at Monash University, received a D.Phil (Ph.D) in biomedical engineering from Oxford University and an MBA jointly awarded by New York University and the London School of Economics. Dr Behrenbruch has also held several academic appointments, including a faculty position in the Department of Medical and Molecular Pharmacology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently an adjunct professor and member of the Industry Advisory Board at RMIT University’s College of Business (Melbourne).

“We’re delighted with this appointment as Dr Behrenbruch brings a strong combination of academic excellence in healthcare, understanding of the regulatory challenges of product development and a proven track record as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ in financing and nurturing early-stage companies,” said Ray Wood, CEO of Cell Therapies.

“Cell Therapies has done a remarkable job of building a unique life sciences company with an unmatched track record in manufacturing and deploying complex products in the cell therapies space,” commented Dr. Behrenbruch. “The company has exciting growth potential in terms of new products and regional market opportunities as this ‘pillar’ of healthcare starts to yield technologies with significant therapeutic potential.”

For more information, contact Ray Wood at Cell Therapies on: 61 3 9656 1615 or /

Cell Therapies Gains Access to Innovative Cartilage Product

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Cell Therapies has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with South Korean-based Medipost for the distribution and manufacture of its innovative product Cartistem® a cellular treatment for osteoarthritis (OA) and focal defects of the knee

CARTISTEM® is the world’s first therapeutic agent approved for treating degenerative arthritis and knee cartilage defects, which is based on stem cells derived from cord blood.

“CARTISTEM® is a treatment for an indication with an increasing frequency due to an aging population,” said Mr Ray Wood, CEO of Cell Therapies. “We believe this novel allogenic cell therapy can deliver relief to patients without an alternative.”

Since completion of Phase III trials and regulatory approval in Korea more than 450 patients have been successfully treated. A key finding of the Phase III trial was the positive outcome for older patients who have previously not been considered suitable for treatment.

For more information, contact Ray Wood at Cell Therapies on: 61 3 9656 1615 or via